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Tax Return Services Limited

We are a registered company operating from the Isle of Man, carrying out personal tax work for clients across the UK and Isle of Man. We are regulated by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority as a designated business to provide tax advice.

Our services include:
> Completing UK and Isle of Man tax returns
> Self employed bookkeeping
> Self employed invoicing
> Tax investigations
> IOM employer tax returns
> IOM company tax returns
> IOM VAT returns
> Invoice chasing and bad debt management

We provide a full service and will take away the stress involved with your financial affairs. We will liaise with the relevant tax authorities to fulfil your reporting obligations and ensure you do not incur any late filing or late payment penalties.

Whether you are a director, employed, self employed, a landlord, an umbrella or payroll client, a contractor, or involved with blockchain and cryptoassets (including Bitcoin, Etherium and Ripple etc.) we have the experience to assist and understand your expectations.

Do not leave your return until the last minute. Contact us today and let us take away the hassle of your tax return or self employed paperwork or discuss any other personal tax related query you may have.

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Why use us?

We have a personable team with over 13 years experience, who are familiar with working with individuals at any stage of their career, to ensure that your reporting requirements are met in an efficient and timely manner.

What can you expect from us?

We understand your requirements and expectations and aim to prepare and provide you with your completed
documents for your review and approval within 14 days of receiving your details. 

Did you know...?

Over 12 million people are required to submit a personal tax return in the UK or in the Isle of Man every year. Last year, over 700,000 individuals submitted their returns late, incurring a minimum penalty of £100!

Our Services

Personal Tax Returns

From £125

We will work with you to ensure your personal tax filing obligations are met in a timely and professional manner.

Contact us today for more details.

Am I required to complete a tax return?

IOM Employer Tax Returns

From £125

We can assist with your employer tax return, to ensure this is submitted in a timely manner.

Contact us today to discuss your employer tax return and to ensure that you are not fined for late submission.

IOM Company Tax Returns

From £125

Do you put off submitting your company tax return? Let us ensure you are not left with a penalty for late submission!

We can assist by completing your company tax return and take the burden off your shoulders.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

VAT Returns

From £195

Is your VAT return a burden to you?

Let us take away the stress and complete this for you as a standalone service or to bolt onto any of our other services.

Contact us today for more details.

Self Employed Bookkeeping

From £395

We offer a full self employed management service to ensure every invoice and every receipt is recorded correctly.

Send us your invoices as you raise them and receipts as they come in and we will collate all the details to form a mini set of accounts, in preparation for your end of year tax return.

Contact us today for a friendly chat to discuss how we can help you.

Self Employed Invoicing

From £245

Contact us today for details of our full self employed service, which includes invoicing your clients directly, to ensure you do not waste your time in the office when you could be out on that next job!

Our products are flexible and we will accommodate all your requirements to ensure you,
as our client, are satisfied with our services.

IOM Tax Office & HMRC Enquiries

From £175

Every year, enquiries are opened into the personal tax affairs of thousands of tax payers for a variety of reasons.

We have a vast amount of experience in dealing with any kind of enquiry letter and can liaise directly with the authorities to help to take away the stress of even the most severe of their correspondence.

Email us or send a picture of the letter on WhatsApp and we can review and discuss the correspondence you have received.

Bad Debt & Unpaid Invoice Collection

From £175

If you have outstanding unpaid invoices to clients who are simply not paying, let us take over and do the groundwork for you, to pull in what is rightly yours!

When necessary, we will also prepare all relevant court documents to ensure you receive payment for the work you carry out!

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Refer a Friend & Receive £25!

Do you have a friend or colleague who may be interested in our services? 

Simply provide us with their details and we will send you £25, once they have used our services and we have received payment.

There is no limit on the number of people you can refer and no limit on the bonuses you can receive!

Are You Required to Submit a Tax Return?

On the Isle of Man, almost all residents have to complete a tax return, regardless of whether you are employed or self employed. 

In the UK, the requirements to complete a personal tax return have significantly changed over the past number of years. Below is a list of the most common sources of income, requiring you to submit a return:

> If HMRC have requested one

> Are required to under HMRC's 2019 loan charge

> Self employed/sole trader earning more than £1,000 or if you wish to claim tax-free childcare or maternity allowance

> A partner in a business partnership

> Income from renting out a property

> Tips and commission

> Income from savings, investments and dividends

> Foreign income

> Received child benefit and you or your partner’s income was greater than £50,000  

If you are in any doubt as to whether you are required to submit a tax return, please check here for HMRC's useful tool or send us a message

Tax Return Services Limited

Greeba Towers
Isle of Man